The Process

Our signature dish is Cevapi, grilled ground meat in the form of tiny sausages served with chopped onions, sour cream, ajvar (bell pepper sauce) on homemade Lepinja bread. These special little sausages are made fresh and are chocked full of fresh ingredients and specialty spices unique to our own kitchen.

The Lepinja bread is a recipe that has been handed down for generations, which we make from scratch everyday. It's then grilled until brown on both sides. Dip the bread in ajvar and sour cream and enjoy with a fork-full of fresh sausage. 


If our variety of fresh sausages aren’t what you had in mind, try a traditional Gyro Sandwich, Creamy Chicken Crepe, Mixed Meat Platter, Mediterranean Salad or Sour Pickled Salad.

Some of other other favorites are Goulash; a hearty beef and veal stew simmered to perfection for hours and served with a side of mashed potatoes and rice. Or try our Sarma; fresh cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef, rice and herbs and spices. Also served with a side of fresh mashed potatoes. Click below to see the entire menu.